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Sharing Cryptic thoughts and ideas. Trying to free minds from the mental restraints we’ve been given from oppressive forces. Opening hearts even with pain and suffering so abundantly around us. Saying the unspoken and unmentionables that others won’t dare. Bringing insight from the shadows through a Lighter Shade Of Darkness.

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Terrifying New Twist On Children’s Tale

This trailer looks so creepy! I never imagined that one of my favorite childhood tales would be recreated in such a wicked way.

Is Dark Magic A Real Thing?

Most of us were taught at a young age that magic does not exist and that the local magician is only capable of doing tricks but does not posses and super natural abilities.

Las Vegas Has The Largest Dispensary In The World

“Planet 13” calls itself a “cannabis superstore and entertainment complex.” With over 500 products, there is much to be seen in this 16,200-square-foot floor filled with many 420 delights.

State Of The Culture Adding Eboni K. Williams As Co-Host

Starting in September, the “State of the Culture” cast will have a new edition. Eboni K. Williams will be added in as a co-host.

Will Hasbro make a movie about Deathrow Records?

Hasbro is know for spawning TV shows and movies in order to promote its products. Some of it’s most successful movie franchises include Transformers, G.I. Joe, and the Power Rangers.

Can Sony save the Spider-Man franchise from DOOM?

After news broke about Disney and Sony failing to reach an agreement regarding their continued Spider-Man partnership, the internet was set ablaze. Social media was riddled with fury from all…

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