Las Vegas Has The Largest Dispensary In The World

Known as the entertainment capital of the world. It’s no surprise that Las Vegas would be home to the largest dispensary the world has seen so far. “Planet 13” calls itself a “cannabis superstore and entertainment complex.” With over 500 products, there is much to be seen in this 16,200-square-foot floor filled with many 420 delights.

Planet 13 is one of the latest additions to what many are referring to as “the green circle.” The city has plans to dominate the cannabis market with over 30 different dispensaries to choose from. Just like everything else in Las Vegas, they expect to offer the best of the best cannabis.

Something important to mention is that Nevada only allows marijuana that was grown within the state. Why is that relevant and worth discussing? Well, marijuana is best grown in a cool and humid climate and can be difficult to produce without the proper setting. Just listen to Berner explain what happens to your buds after being exposed to the Las Vegas dry air, which he discussed on the latest episode of Drink Champs.

Even though marijuana is legal for recreational use, the hotels and casinos have a very strict policy about smoking on their properties. During my visit to one of the casinos, I was approached by security regarding the blunt I had behind my ear. I was told not to smoke any marijuana on the property and if they catch me smoking I will be removed even if I have a room there. It would seem that the cities policies are progressing a lot faster than the casinos.


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